October 1, 2016
Email and facebook post from PJE on September 22:

​The current plan is to meet Saturday October 1st about 7 pm at the Revel + Roost, 242 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15222 (Phone:
412-281-1134 info@revelandroost.com). We reserved an area in the bar for all of us to meet. While the place, time and reservation are set, the night is informal. We have discussed with the Revel + Roost (R+R) that some people might want to eat, some just get drinks, and some might just make fun of the fact that we are all in out early to mid-40’s (blah). The R+R folks understand our plan and will be more than accommodating. There will also be nothing prefunded so all costs are to be personally covered except if you see someone start a tab late night…their morning surprise is your gain.


So please pass this email along to others from our class that might be interested in catching up after 25 years. Also share with those not interested in attending to remind them that tons of Facebook, Instagram, snap chat picture will be posted that night and we might call them out on a live Facebook session. I’ll also be posting something on the Class of 1991 Facebook group page.

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